Our expertise


Since 2004, Immersub has assisted more than 7,000 vessels
and mobile underwater structures of all kind.


From Class recognized in-water surveys to underwater repairs, the team of Immersub has developed over the time a strong knowledge of ships design, hydrodynamics and construction. Using state of the art equipment, Immersub provides a wide range of ship husbandry services and other marine services for inshore and offshore projects in the Indian Ocean Region.

Our expertise
Ship Husbandry Services & Repairs
Eco-friendly Hull Cleaning

In-water hull cleaning is now recognized as one of the most efficient way to reduce ship environmental footprint, by reducing drastically the ships carbon emission in the atmosphere. A heavily fouled vessel is dragged by the biofouling growing on it’s hull, therefore increasing the vessel’s need in power. But removing this biofouling from the ship’s hull also represents a risk for the environment due to the introduction of Alien Invasive Species (AIS). For this reason, we have chosen to operate an eco-friendly Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV): the HullWiper.

The HullWiper uses high pressure water jet to remove the biofouling on the hull, without damaging the anti-fouling paint. The biofouling is then collected in two on-board filters and the discharge water is further filtrated using our own-designed surface treatment plant. Therefore, the hull cleaning operation is completely harmless for the environment, and ensures the longevity of the ship’s anti-fouling coating.

Besides the cleaning of the hull, we propose to combine the hull cleaning with the propeller polishing, which also helps reducing the vessel drag and can save up to 20% on fuel cost.

Inspection and Surveys

Immersub is the sole diving company in the Indian Ocean to be internationally recognized by 6 IACS (International Classification Societies). Our management and training system is audited every year to comply with Class standards. We provide Class Surveys for:

  • Underwater Survey In Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD)
  • Tail Shaft Extension Surveys
  • Damage assessment survey
  • Pre-Sale Survey
  • Close visual inspection (CVI)
  • General Visual Inspection (GVI)
  • U/T measurements
  • NDT testing

In case the Class Surveyor cannot attend physically the survey, we have also developed the option to offer a remote survey to our clients. Therefore, the Client and the Class Surveyor can vision the In-Water Survey from anywhere in the world.

Afloat Repairs

Based on 20 years of expertise, we are able to assist any vessel or mobile offshore units in any structural repairs, which may involve welding or cutting. Since 2004, we have assisted clients with:

  • Crack Repairs and doubler plate installation;
  • Propeller Blade Straightening using our in-house designed equipment;
  • Propeller crack repairs;
  • Propeller cropping;
  • Rope guard replacement;
  • Installation of cathodic protection system (zinc anodes);
  • Rudder stock repair and replacement;
  • Blanking/Plugging of overboard discharges and sea chests;
  • Replacement of speed log / echo sounder


Salvages & Emergency Response

Using the knowledge and experience of a former ship Captain and a passionate commercial diver, Immersub has built up a strong capacity to react on any emergency operation involving ships and mobile structures. Thanks to the strong regional network with the various stakeholders of the maritime industry in the Indian Ocean, a team is always ready to respond to any emergency operation.

Emergency response team

Immersub team is composed of qualified emergency responders. For the last 4 incidents in Mauritius, Immersub was the first team on spot and provided crucial help to the authorities saving the life of 4 seafarers.

Assistance to salvage operations

Acting as either main contractor or subcontractor, Immersub diving team provided major assistance and support to the biggest salvage operations in Mauritius including the MSC Katie, MV Cemdrem, FV Victory, MV Angel One, MV Benita, MV Wakashio.

Oil Spill Response

Immersub dive team has acquired uncontested experience in a Tier 3 Oil Spill Response incident in Mauritius from 2020 to 2021. Acting as a subcontractor, Immersub was the first team on-spot for the installation of offshore booms and fence booms to contain the oil. As the main local Oil Spill Responder, daily reporting and scouting was conducted in collaboration with international responders. Immersub is now able to provide cost effective oil spill response solution up to Tier 2 to support any salvage operations or STS operation.


Marine Construction & Dredging

Based on the experience achieved through the maritime industry, Immersub has extend its services to inland and inshore projects. The useful knowledge of working on mobile structures as ships is used to find and propose solutions for other immersed structures regarding anti-corrosion system, repairs and maintenance (i.e jetties, dams).

Civil Underwater Works

We provide technical expertise to local companies for civil underwater works on any immersed structures, such as:

  • Survey of jetties, pontoons, sheet pile wall, piers including ultrasonic thickness measurements of steel;
  • Construction, renovation of jetties, quays and pontoons;
  • Inspection and cleaning of hydrostations and dams external grids and pipelines;
  • Pipeline inspection and installation etc.
Fiber Optic Cable Laying

Immersub prides itself of being the most experienced diving company in the Indian Ocean in laying and inspecting fiber optic cables, including as well the installation of articulated protectors (AP).

Marine dredging and pumping services

Thanks to solid partnership with a regional dredging company, we provide cost effective diver operated-dredging solution for coastal rehabilitation projects, marinas, dams and hydrostations.

Immersub can also support any projects requiring high-capacity water pumps, trash pumps or sludge pumps.


Marine services & logistic support

We provide nautical and logistic support for all your projects. Our workboats, emergency response vessels and small crafts are available for charter, depending on your needs. Kindly contact our office for more information.